Mahaba: Sun and Beach, Dive and Swim Marine Adventure Tourism


The Island of Mahaba (Photo: Mariel Chiong)

The island is considered second from the youngest among the quadruplets, having a total area of 20.8 hectares only. The prohibited and considered endangered mangrove species “Bantolinao” are found abundantly in the island closely in association with coconuts along in coastline rocks.

 Boast for its pandan plants for mat weaving, materials elks out of space in a craggy terrain with numerous sinkholes that are telltale of island geological history, and a cave that is the haven for the furious nut-cracking coco-crabs locally known as “Tatus” and native crabs locally known as “Alikway”.

 The island is very much ideal for the bathing and picnicking gimmickry. The balmy breeze sweepings across the islands could drowse any one for a good satisfying sleep. The island offers bounty of fresh catch of fish and shellfishes from the surrounding seas which beachgoers could not go without while visiting the island, while the other having their fun of swimming, sunbathing, basking and frolicking in the sand, others can just go roasting fish, partaking in “kinilaw” and drinking the most choice tuba that is available in the locality, strumming guitar, singing and laughing with the waves, while others are sleeping to the balmy noon breeze under the shade of coconut, talisay and bangkal trees.

mahaba (3)Diving and snorkeling can be best attained in this island. You can enjoy seeing the multicolored reef gasping polyps or the ink-belching squids swimming about in innocent abandon. Along the shoreline, you can find small caves and caverns fit for resting and whiling away the sunny noon or sheltering away from the splatter of raindrops.

Island trekking is very much challenging in this place passing through the rocky and rugged terrain crossing the island and visit the marine laboratory located at northwestern portion of the island and you can enjoy viewing the marine sanctuary.

Boating and kayaking are activities that suits tourists gimmickry specially in the late afternoon, when by luck you may enjoy the galloping dolphins as they race to the frothy-ripples, or bump against your boat or, hold you by their exhibition on roundabout processions like playing merry-go-round.