Apid Island Adventure

Apid (7)Considered the second largest island among the four, it has a total land area of 35.6 hectares. The most peculiar in the island are the way and the manner by which the women weave their way to mat. Members of the household take pleasure in weaving mats under the cool shade of breadfruits trees, in the cozy makeshift of the sea breezing continuously providing coolness and serenity to the soul.

One can also take delight at the sight of giant water jars that proved expedient to the inhabitant as rainwater catchment devices conveyed through spouts attached to roof edges.

The hospitable native fishing villagers with mix Cebuano-Boholano speaking dialects of Inopacan will demonstrate enthusiastic visitors with their mastery in making handicrafts from Romblon/ Pandan endemic to Cuatro islas.

Households, as participants to the home-stay concept can accommodate tourist of all colors overnight, or longer, for a modest pay. Safe and clean surroundings is one way of exhibiting the villager’s tradition of clean hearts and souls and hospitality as the best asset of this islands, where social interaction offers a great chance to tourist to know more about life of the islanders.

Apid (2)

People meet you with a cheerful smile that is worth remembering as one roams around the island. You can take any household that may serve you as your home away from home, and who will accommodate your needs during your stay in the island, or just right in front of the barangay is a sandy beach that is best for your camping tent to spread. Stretching oneself along the shorelines to enjoy a sunbathing, and splashing into the comfort of the clear water, mingling the villagers having their daily routine preparing for their fishing activities.

 During your stay, you may have your social interaction with the village folks. The experience surely will enrich you about life as may roam the island to have a pick for souvenir items during your stay in the island. Your favorite beach sports with the locales can be best facilitated in this island.

 Trekking the island top most offers much fun and enjoyable to discover anything that you may consider your find worth keeping.