The seal embodies the essence and direction of Inopacan as a municipality. Ropes laden with gold, the municipal color, circumscribe the outer and inner parts of the seal to represent the town’s abaca and pandan industry. It also alludes to the large mythical snake in Inopacan legends.

The green central figures look like a farmer with a hat. These shapes represent agriculture as the main source of livelihood.

The lower green figure also looks like a wing to represent Inong Pak-an (winged Inong, from Vis. ‘pako’, meaning wing), the legendary flying hero where the town name was derived.

The blue figure looks like a wave to represent the town’s eco-tourism industry and Cuatro Islas as a tourist destination. It also looks like a banca to symbolize fishing as another main source of livelihood in the town.

The yellow to gold background looks like a sunset at Camotes sea, a famous sight along western coasts of the Leyte province.

Conceptualized and designed by Jed Asaph Cortes, Ian Kim Gahoy and Ulderico Alviola.